Cheryl Faux
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Thought Starters

One of the most important, and often overlooked, roles of a Strategist is making sure everyone touching the project at hand has the same foundation in knowledge.

This could be on the problem, the consumer, the industry – no matter what it is, it all serves the same purpose – to strike a fire in the creatives and be the inspiration they need to come up as many ideas until we get to the best one. Check out some of my thought starter decks below.

Working as Creative Strategist for Pizza Hut during the National Advertising Student Competition, I dug into the relationship Millennials have with food and created 'I'm Hungry'.  A presentation giving an inside look on how the up-and-coming generation interacts with food, the experiences they expect from food retailers, and how they're forever changing the food industry. 

As a Brand Planner at Arnold Worldwide I had the opportunity to assist on strategy for New Business pitches. 'Screw The Corner Office' dives into the mindset of Millennials and how the definition of success has shifted as we've grown up in the world.