Content & Event Creation

Projects I've helped bring to life.

Uplifting THE women OF advertising

As a proud sponsor of the 3% Conference, HEAT in SF wanted to know how to truly show appreciation for their fearless leaders?

In 2016, I asked Heat employees to write and share what made their bosses so amazing, then surprised each woman with their letters. 

In 2017, I continued our momentum from last year and brought the NYC Conference's theme "Beyond Gender" to life right in San Francisco. We invited leaders and professionals from all industries to come together for an intimate evening of networking, mentorship, and a panel discussion about inclusion, leadership, and the meaning of "Beyond Gender." 


The reason I moved to LA was to help Odwalla with their community management, content creation, and social strategy for a cross-country tour. They curated a branded Volkswagen van and drove it 12,000 miles to 10 markets for Road To Our Roots, a campaign that celebrates their long-standing heritage while connecting the brand to existing and new fans.


In addition to launching and managing their Instagram channel (see below), I managed the workflow of 5 partner agencies, with increased attention to the PR and talent agencies to ensure press and influencer messages aligned with social strategy. 

Declare independence

2016 | D&AD New Blood Awards Submission

2016 will go down in history for completely transforming the political climate of America and beyond. So when DA&D and Dazed gave me and my creative partner, Abeni Pierson a brief tasking us to promote the spirit of independence, we knew we couldn’t ignore the red elephant in the room.


Watch the videos in order – introduction, thoughts, expressions, screens, reality. 


One of my favorite things about the ad industry is the abundance of unique people I rub elbows with on a daily basis. #SideLives was a content series I created for HEAT in SF to showcase their variety of talent. These videos highlight the weird/fascinating/strange/eccentric hobbies people have – past or present.